At RIG-CHEM, we believe that safety is not part of our job, it’s part of our culture. It is central to everything we do, from the formulation process to handling and application. Safety is always a priority. Learn more about the RIG-CHEM commitment to safety.

  • As an ISNetworld registered company, our clients have access to reporting to the oil and gas industry of safety information from Contractor to Operator
  • As an SEMS Certified company, you can be assured of our commitment to to safety and environmental management.
  • We are fully DOT and OSHA compliant
  • Safety Data Sheets easily accessible via our website for immediate review
  • We maintain a tracking system for reporting of our chemicals from formulation to application
  • We work with our customers to create compliance plans to meet each customers unique needs.
  • RIG-CHEM has no recordable incidents in our 30-year history

To learn more about RIG-CHEM’s commitment to safety, contact us today. Louisiana location: 985-873-7208,
Houston location: 281-358-5728