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VERSAFLOC LHD+ is a “universal flocculants” which aids in solids removal in wellbore displacement and completion fluid reclamation operations. VERSAFLOC LHD+ helps to clean up workstring, casing, riser, and surface equipment by flocculating oil-wet and water-wet solids in completion fluid, seawater, and produced water.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Colorless, Clear Liquid
Odor Mild
Specific Gravity @ 60°EF 1.23 g/ml
Density (lbs./cu ft) 62.9 lb/ft 3
Flash Point NA
pH 8.9


VERSAFLOC LHD+ can be used to help flocculate oil-wet and water-wet solids in seawater, fresh water, produced water, and brines of any weight and composition. Please consult a RIG-CHEM representative for specific concentrations of product as each displacement is specifically tailored per well.


VERSAFLOC LHD+ use yields cleaner completion fluids quicker. VERSAFLOCLHD+ removes oil and grease from fine solids and oily mud cakes that adhere to casing walls and coagulates and flocculates emulsions. VERSAFLOC LHD + use reduces the possibility of formation damage due to solids in completion fluid. VERSAFLOC LHD + is not damaging to painted surfaces and equipment.

Environmental Data

VERSAFLOC LHD + is non-toxic and non-bio accumulative. VERSAFLOC LHD + passes LC50 testing. When used as directed and tested according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Static Sheen Test, VERSAFLOC LHD + does not form or create a sheen on the surface of receiving waters.


VERSAFLOC LHD+ is usually used with concentrations between 3-5% by volume, however, each job is designed differently and a RIG-CHEM representative should be consulted for exact amount and usage.


Improper handling of this chemical or any other chemical deemed as an “industrial chemical” can be injurious to workers. Observe all safety precautions shown and labeled and in the Safety Data Sheet.