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VERSAFLOC® LHD + is a “universal flocculant” which aids in solids removal in wellbore displacement and completion fluid reclamation operations. VERSAFLOC® LHD helps to clean up workstring, casing, riser, and surface equipment by flocculating oil-wet and water-wet solids in completion fluid, seawater, and produced water.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Clear
Odor Mild
Specific Gravity @ 60°EF 1.01
Density (lbs./cu ft) 62.9
Flash Point NA
pH (1% solution) 8.9


  • Effective in all types and densities of completion fluids.
  • Temperature tolerance to 580°F (308°C) in the wellbore.
  • VERSAFLOC® LHD + use yields cleaner completion fluids quicker. VERSAFLOC® LHD removes oil and grease from fine solids and oily mud cakes on casing and coagulates and flocculates emulsions.
  • VERSAFLOC® LHD + use reduces the possibility of formation damage due to solids in completion fluid.
  • Environmentally friendly, VERSAFLOC® LHD + is non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative. VERSAFLOC® LHD + passes LC50 testing. When used as directed and tested according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Static Sheen Test, VERSAFLOC® LHD + does not form or create a sheen on the surface of receiving waters.
  • VERSAFLOC® LHD + is non-damaging to painted surfaces and equipment.


Please consult a RIG-CHEM Representative for a specific application recommendation.


Improper handling of this product can be injurious to workers. Observe all safety precautions shown on the label and in the Material Safety Data Sheet.