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RC PAK-3 is a combination surfactant, quaternary salt compound, corrosion inhibitor with excellent film forming characteristics. It is also an oxygen scavenger for use in all light and heavy density brines. RC PAK-3 will control corrosion due to carbon dioxide, inorganic salts, dissolved oxygen, and H2S contamination due to sour fluids or bacterial action.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Brown, Clear Liquid
Odor Alcohol
Specific Gravity @ 60°F 1.070 g/ml
Density (lbs./gallon) 8.34 – 8.50
Flash Point >180°F
pH 8.0-10.0


A recommended usage is 1 drum per 100 bbls of completion fluid. It is always recommended to speak to your RIG-CHEM representative for your specific application of product.


RC PAK-3 is recommended for use in all light and heavy density brines and completion fluids that will come in contact with hydrocarbon producing formations. RC PAK-3 is a “one-drum” solution in where our product contains a corrosion inhibitor and oxygen scavenger together keeping the operator from having to purchase these products separately at a greater cost.

Environmental Data

When used as directed and tested according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Static Sheen Test, RC PAK-3 does not form or create sheen on the surface of receiving waters.


Improper handling of this chemical or any other chemical deemed as an “industrial chemical” can be injurious to workers. Observe all safety precautions shown and labeled in the Safety Data Sheet.