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RC-GREEN MAGIC is a unique, totally biodegradable, environmentally safe blend of surfactants, chelates and corrosion inhibitors that create a super concentrated water based degreaser and cleaner. As a multi-purpose cleaner RC-GREEN MAGIC will safely penetrate, disperse, and emulsify oil deposits and grease. By having the ability to apply RC-GREEN MAGIC in different concentrations, this product has an extremely wide range of cleaning ability.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Light Green, Clear Liquid
Odor Mild
Specific Gravity @ 60°F 1.005 – 1.045 g/ml
Density (lbs./gallon) 8.67
Flash Point Non-Fammable
pH Neat 11-12.5


RC-GREEN MAGIC is especially effective in cleaning OBM and diesel residue on or within wellbores, pumps, workstrings, casing, marine vessels, tubulars, processing pits, surface equipment or any other surface, painted or bare, in where diesel residue may reside.


RC-GREEN MAGIC contains no butyls, glycol ethers, terpene, hydrocarbons, or other solvents. Therefore the product has no volatile organic hydrocarbons and does not contribute to airborne emissions of VOC’s. This chemical is non-flamable and non-combustible. Will not deteriorate painted surfaces or corrode bare metals. RC-GREEN MAGIC leaves no residual film when properly rinsed. RC-GREEN MAGIC is 100% biodegradable.

Environmental Data

RC-GREEN MAGIC is considered a green product and is “environmentally safe” It contains no solvents or chemicals listed in SARA Title III Section 302. When used as directed and tested according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Static Sheen Test, RC-GREEN MAGIC does not form or create sheen on the surface of receiving waters.


Improper handling of this chemical or any other chemical deemed as an “industrial chemical” can be injurious to workers. Observe all safety precautions shown and labeled in the Safety Data Sheet.


RC-GREEN MAGIC is sold as a concentrate, in 3-1 dilution, or 6-1 dilution. The concentration can also be mixed on site to the desired dilution factor depending on the severity of the contamination.