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Defoamer W-1 is a highly water-dispersible silicone formulation designed for general purpose defoaming. It will prevent foam in degassers, coil tubing units, and other equipment where there are foam problems. The low ppm range in which Defoamer W-1 is effective makes it an economical treatment. The defoaming ability of Defoamer W-1 may improve the quality and quantity of production by eliminating foam and foam carry-over and improving the efficiency of treating equipment.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Milky Liquid
Odor Bland
Specific Gravity @ 60°F 1.001
Density (lbs./gallon) 8.34
Flash Point >201°F
pH Neutral


  • This silicone emulsion defoamer is effective at very low concentrations.
  • Safe to use in degassers, coil tubing units, production vessels, and other equipment where fluid foaming may be a problem.


Because each use application varies, it is suggested that several hundred ppm of the defoamer be used initially, with a gradual lowering of the treating rate as determined by operating conditions.


Improper handling of this product can be injurious to workers. Observe all safety precautions shown on the label and in the Material Safety Data Sheet.